How to apply

The instructions for applying online (which is the preferred method) are outlined below, however other methods are available and can be found here.
For more in depth instructions, the following documents are also available:

  • First-time applicants will need to setup an account and register with a username and password. Separate accounts are needed for Jobs Open to the Public and Jobs Open to Employees under PEI Government, Health PEI, and Public Schools Branch.
  • Fields identified with an asterisk (*) are required.
  • You may choose to attach a Resume and Cover Letter, and/or enter your Education and Work Experience details in the Application. You are not required to do both.
  • Be sure your application is complete prior to submitting it to a job posting.  Submitted applications cannot be edited.
  • To view a list of FAQs, view the Frequently Asked Questions page under Get Started.
  1. Under Prince Edward Island Government Jobs, or Job Listings, click on the sector in which you'd like to search for a job.
  2. Select either the option for Jobs Open to the Public or Jobs Open to Employees.
  3. Select New User.
  4. Complete the Account Information, Address Information, and Secret Question for Forgot Password sections(Note: The system auto-fills extra dots in *Password and *Confirm Password fields as a security measure. Ignore the dots and continue.)
  1. Click on View All Jobs to see all internal and external jobs open in the sector you have selected.
  2. The following are ways in which you can use the Search Jobs page.
  3. Scroll through the list of jobs.
    1. Filter by clicking on links under headers such as location, department or job family.
    2. Search for available positions by entering keywords (i.e. Manager) or the job opening id.
    3. Click on arrow to view the job description.

How to Apply for a Job

On the Search Jobs page, click the check box to the left of the job for which you are applying then select Apply for Job, or click on Apply for Job at the top right on the Job Description page. Your progress will save automatically. If you exit the application process, you can pick it back up again under My Job Applications.

Application Step 1 – START

Upon reading the Instructions for Guided Process and the Terms and Conditions, click the check box at the bottom of the page, to the left of “I agree to the Terms and Conditions,” and select Next.


This section only becomes visible if Prequalifying Screening Questions have been set up on the job for which you are applying. If this section does not appear, you will be presented with Resume as Step 2.

Application Step 3 – RESUME

  1. If not attaching a Resume and Cover Letter, click Next to bypass this Step.
  2. To attach a Resume and Cover Letter, click on My Device, select the file, and click Open.
  3. When the file shows in the File Attachment window, click Upload. Once complete, click Done.
  4. Repeat #2 & #3 to Attach Cover Letter.
  5. Once both files are attached, click Next.


This section only becomes visible if Questionnaire Screening Questions have been set up on the job for which you are applying. If this section does not appear, you will be presented with Education and Work Experience as the next Step in the process.


If you have attached a Resume and Cover Letter, this step is then optional.

  1. Click on Add Work Experience, then select Done once complete. To enter additional jobs, click the + sign, or select the arrow to the right to edit your details.
  2. To enter your details in the Add Degrees section, click on the magnifying-glass to view the available options.
  3. The remaining Education and Work Experience sections may be completed in the same manner as outlined above.

Application Step 6 – REFERRALS

Click on the drop-down arrow and select the best option. Enter a Specific Referral Source if relevant (e.g. person’s name, website address)

Application Step 7 – REVIEW AND SUBMIT

There are 2 ways to review the information you’ve entered.

  1. Option 1: Click on View Application.
    1. The Application Report will open in a new window. Review your details.
    2. Close the Application Report window and return to the Job Application page.
      1. If changes to your information are needed, follow the steps in Option 2.
  2. Option 2: Click on the arrow to expand each section and review the details within.
    1. To make changes to the details shown, click on Modify.
    2. Once your edits are complete, click on Review and Submit to return to the final step.
  3. Click Submit to complete the application process. A message will appear confirming your application was submitted successfully, and you will receive a confirmation email.
  4. The final screen in the process is the Application Confirmation. From here, you can view the application you just submitted or return to the Careers Welcome page.
  5. Now, when viewing My Job Applications, you will note that your Resume and Cover Letter appear and the Status of the job you’ve just applied for shows Submitted.