Ruth Cano

My name is Ruth Cano Ruth Cano and I am a Marketing and Communications intern at BioFoodTech. I have been in this position for the past 7 months.

My current job is very creative, it is full of resources and opportunities to grow as a professional. At BioFoodTech my ideas are heard, I am allowed to think outside of the box and have fun, even as an Intern. While in my previous jobs I never had the opportunity to even explore or make suggestions, I could say that my creative self was suppressed. The most valuable skill I have learned while working at BioFoodTech is interpersonal communication. Being exposed to a workplace with such a variety of people, with difference ages, nationalities, educational backgrounds and personalities had taught me how to interact with people effectively. 

What gets me the most excited about coming to work is to think about all the fun activities we have going on, our different clients and projects, because I am the one that gets to show our digital audience all of that!